Breakout Sessions 1

Session A | Get Your Game On @ the Library: Collaboration between Learning Commons and the Office of Information Technologies - Presentation Materials, Session Handout, Planning Worksheet

Abigail Baines, Sarah Hutton, Iris Chelaru (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Get Your Game On @ the Library is an event series collaboration between the Learning Commons and the Office of Information Technologies geared to increase student comfort and familiarity with library spaces and staff, and build community across campus groups and departments through tabletop, board, card, and video games. This session will look a the planning, workflow and implementation of the series, with multimedia examples and video testimonials.

Session B | MANAGE Copyright-- Don't Let it Manage You: Creative Outreach to Our Patron Communities - Presentation Materials and Session Ideas

Barbara Ingrassia (University of Massachusetts Medical School)

Copyright in the Digital Age can seem like “gray, murky ooze.” Share your ideas for "getting the word out about copyright" in an appealing, painless, informative way. Our Goal: To build a list of AT LEAST 100 creative ideas for injecting some FUN into copyright education and outreach.

Session C | Moving Your Computer Lab(S) to the Cloud - Presentation Materials

Rick O’Toole & David Hicking (University of Connecticut)

What the UConn Libraries learned by collaborating with peers and leveraging technology to put their computer labs and printing "in the cloud".

Session D | Developing a Modular, Plug-And-Play Collection Development Policy - Presentation Materials

Shanti Freundlich, Jennifer Ferguson, Rex Krajewski, Jillian LaRosa (Simmons College)

Do you need to write a collection development policy that addresses institutional goals, includes patron-friendly language, and has the selection tools that subject specialists need? Come hear about a collection development policy that addresses all of those needs, was collaboratively written, and is designed to be easy to flexible and easy to maintain over time.

Session E | Providing High Level Services to Growing Graduate Populations on Campus - Presentation Materials

Judith Pinnolis, Jason Bernard, Gina Bastone (Brandeis University)

This session reports on a series of collaborative library programs across the campus aimed at the graduate student population. The talks will focus on successful collaborations, achievements, directions, and possibilities for future program growth.

Session F | Paws to Relax - Really High Touch Customer Service - Presentation Materials

Jo Ann Reynolds (University of Connecticut)

Join this interactive session and not only learn how to set up a therapy dog program in your library but actually meet and interact with therapy dogs and their handlers.

Poster Session 1: Technology Track