Poster Session 1: Technology Track

A | Utilizing the Departmental iPad as a Transformative Community Building Tool

Carol Lee Anderson (University at Albany, SUNY)

Beyond "roving reference," the departmental iPad has provided a great way to rethink how we provide content at information fairs for prospective & incoming students and their parents. The iPad has been a nifty tool too for producing content and supporting social media outlets utilized by the Libraries and the University.

B | 30 iPad Lending Program @ James P. Adams Library, Rhode Island College

Kieran Ayton & Brian Baker (Rhode Island College)

Learn how to set up a 30 iPad Lending Program from start to finish. Topics include app management, configuration profiles, Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, security issues, loan agreements, & more!

C |  Plotting Better Service: Examining a Rapidly Growing Poster Printing Service within a University Learning Commons - Poster Presentation Materials

Dan Paquette (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Illustrating the substantive growth of a poster printing service within the Learning Commons at the W.E.B. Du Bois Library University of Massachusetts Amherst; Key points include usage data, user demographics, marketing methods, campus/faculty partnerships, and future plans for continued expansion.

D | Building Bridges in the Clouds: Connecting Researchers and Hidden Works - Poster Presentation Materials

Daniel Ortiz, Ann Blum, Estelle Disch, Reyes Coll-Tellechea, Andrew Elder, Joanne Riley (University of Massachusetts Boston)

The work of two researchers, Mercedes Agullo and Rita Arditti, is the raw material for the development of two projects using cloud-based turn-key solutions. The resulting digital libraries bring together primary and secondary sources to a global audience of scholars and researchers that previously could not access these valuable yet hidden scholarly works.

E | Changes and Opportunities in a Hybrid Cataloging/Metadata Department

Jennifer Eustis (University of Connecticut)

Two new initiatives at the University of Connecticut Libraries, namely eScience and a new digital repository were and continue to be great opportunities for catalog/metadata librarians to expand their role in the library. My presentation will talk about new services that were created thanks to these opportunities and how these changes keep a hybrid cataloging and metadata department relevant.

F | Disciplinary Repositories in the Commons: How Libraries Support the Development of Communities of Practice - Poster Presentation Materials

Jessica Adamick & Rebecca Reznik-Zellen (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Disciplinary repositories are important tools for knowledge sharing within communities of practice. This poster session will outline developing trends in disciplinary repositories and describe an IMLS-funded initiative to lay the necessary groundwork for launching a successful disciplinary data repository.